Modern Finnish Design to Meet Challenges in the Service Technology Industry

Many of the people’s everyday practices can be made easier with better service technology. Weide Oy designs and manufactures self-service kiosks and door displays that support the daily functions of our customers. We also design and manufacture device housings. Our service technology solutions have been sold throughout Europe, tailored for the needs of each of our customers. The solutions we offer are easily customizable to be fitted with devices and displays based on customer needs.

Consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to using self-service checkout stations, self-service kiosks and touch screen displays. The trend is significant enough not to be turned down by any manufacturer or reseller of these devices. Modern technology improves the level of service, increases the efficiency of personnel, speeds up processes and elevates the level of customer satisfaction.

Weide Oy:s largest customers operate in technology and software service internationally. Our products can be found in some of the largest shopping malls in Finland as well as healthcare services, post offices and abroad in restaurants of large, well known fast food franchises.